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Marketing Intern

FeetCare is established since 2013, and our goal is to help as many people solve their feet issues as possible. We understand feet pain and feet related issues affect many people, and our mission is to stop that. We started serving 1 client a week, and now we are serving 10 a day. We have grown a lot over the last 5 years but we are still barely scratching the surface in terms of reaching those people who need help. That is why we are hiring a Marketing Intern to help us on this journey. 


We are looking for someone to start out as an intern, and then convert to a permanent employee after a few months and hopefully be with us on this journey for the long term. You will be trained in marketing by our business consultant, and you will have the opportunity to grow and develop your skills in marketing as the company grows. You will work closely with the CEO to develop marketing goals and plans, and you will be responsible for executing the plans. You will get a chance to witness the results of your success (or failures) and gain a lot of experience in marketing along the way.


  Job Description

1. Work with CEO to develop marketing goals and budget

2. Develop plans to achieve marketing goals

3. Be responsible for executing marketing plans

4. Monitor execution of marketing plans 

5. Track effectiveness of marketing plans in achieving set goals

6. Propose changes or improvements to existing marketing efforts

7. Create marketing content for website, social media, and offline platforms


800 - 2500 SGD

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