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Travel writer for a popular website (Malaysia based - writing Indonesia-Thailand travel stories)

We are one of the fastest growing online travel magazine writing about Indonesia, currently focusing on unique Indonesia travel guides ( that would inspire people rethink about traveling in Indonesia.

Since our debut in July 2014, we have a steady traffic growth to now over 1.4 million visits each month on our website. In addition, we have an active and highly engaged Facebook community of 50,000 and counting. Majority of our readers are from Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Our mission is to serve the travellers and the travel industry. Although we are focusing on Indonesia, we adopt a global mindset and focus on scalability. With the depth of knowledge we have about travellers, we launched our Thailand site ( last month and have since attracted over 250,000 monthly readers.

Driven by a team of travel passionate writers and editors, we’ve been curating and creating travel stories about Bali, Bandung, Jogja (and many more destinations coming up) that you’d seldom hear from anywhere else. We pride ourselves as experts in creating engaging content that gets people talking and sharing all over the web.

Our slogan, “Not Your Usual Travel Guide” explains very well what we stood for to uniquely create travel content that would inspire people in an unconventional yet powerful way.

The team at TripCanvas has solid track records of past success and badass skills like SEO, sales, marketing etc and tremendous travel industry insights that will help propel the business to a greater heights.


The key things that binds us are these –

We LOVE travelling!

We are not afraid of failures, and we are here to learn.

We are very open individuals.

We’re here to build a kickass company based on hard work and creativity.

Most importantly, we have fun doing this!


1. Research on travellers behavior and uncover hidden needs, thereby finding successful story angles.

2. Identify successful content and influencers on social media. Study what works and what doesn’t.

3. Researching for new story ideas on a daily basis, but no worries if you have any trouble with generating new ideas, as we will guide you along the way.

4. Produce and edit stories according to our best practices, including crafting engaging headlines, sourcing for good photos/videos

5. Identify different ways to tell stories, i.e. album post, videos, infographics etc.


1. You must love travelling and be enthusiastic about sharing with people.

2. You must have been to Indonesia or Thailand before and know the travel landscape well, so that you can give us more insights and produce great content that people want to read. You might need to do research (i.e. online) on the place you are writing about.

3. Excellent command of English language and a love for writing.

4. Your writing style has to be aligned to the nature of the articles: sharable content and has the potential to grow viral (i.e. buzzfeedish style writing, fun and witty). Hence you must be familiar with the concept of viral content and know how to engage readers.

5. If you have been to Indonesia or Thailand, that would be a plus.

6. Excellent understanding of Indonesian (majority), Singaporean, and Malaysian readers.

7. Great internet research skills.

8. You must be social media savvy to keep in touch with what’s happening on the ground.


Why join us?

1. We have great guidelines and best practices that we have documented along the way and we have a team of wonderful people who can mentor and guide you on how to write better.

2. You can establish your online portfolio as we are one of the fastest growing travel websites in Southeast Asia.

3. You will learn a lot about travellers behavior, how to angle successful stories you see on our website.

4. Perks include possible media trips in the future.


We are a young company and our working culture is fun. There will be experienced mentors guiding you along the way and give you many experience you won’t be able to get even in some multi-national companies. If your want to be a travel expert and eager to learn the art of viral writing, this opportunity is for you!

If you are interested, please state your expected salary and send us your resume that shows your past writing experiences and provide us with writing samples, preferably stories written for travel blogs, or travel-related content.

IMPORTANT: Before you apply, make sure you read this spreadsheet and understand our expectation. It's not about writing another "me too" article.

Place "I am awesome" in the subject to let us know that you read through till the end. :)


3000 - 5000 MYR

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